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News and Updates:


5/1/2016:  The Property Viewer GIS mapping application now provides all users with free access to the features of the former subscription service. This includes such features as tabular data download, property sales searches, mailing label creation, etc.

4/19/2016:  By unanimous decision of the County Board of Commissioners, the subscription fee for the Property Viewer GIS mapping application was discontinued. All features of the former subscription service will become a part of the free public application.

9/14/2015:  Updated software version installed.  (PWA)


8/19/2015:  Added data layers that display the safety zones and areas with land use restrictions around the Park Rapids Municipal Airport.


9/25/2014:  180 new Certificates of Survey added.


8/26/2014:  LINK Version 1.1 upgrade installed.  This upgrade includes enhanced performance on mobile devices, and other improvements.  (PWA)


6/12/2014:  Added links to Certificates of Real Estate Value (CRVs) in the Sales Search results table.  (PWA)


6/5/2014:  2013 National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) imagery is now available.  This imagery is provided by the USDA Farm Service Agency and was flown in the summer of 2013.  Note that the 2011 imagery layer is still the default as it has a higher resolution than the 2013 imagery.


5/22/2014: Corrected basement information shown on the building portion of parcel reports.  The presence of a basement had previously been calculated in error.  (PWA)


4/15/2014: Added a layer that will place lake labels on the map without using the transparent blue polygons that cover the lakes when aerial imagery is on.  This is now the default setting when the application launches.  If a user wishes to turn the aerial imagery off and still see the blue lake polygons, the lake layer(s) must now be turned on manually in the legend.


4/9/2014: Adjusted placement of quarter-quarter/government lot labels in the basemap to correct an issue with those labels being covered up by some parcel ID labels.


4/8/2014: Made adjustments to parcel reports: corrected the last sale price shown on public reports, and corrected additional building features shown on full parcel reports.  (PWA)


4/8/2014: Adjusted color transparency and label scale range on the Soils layer.


3/27/2014: Added a slope layer to ESO Layers map service to assist in identifying potential bluff areas on lakeshore.  Slope layer is classified into two classes: 18% - 30% and 30% & greater.


3/26/2014: Altered labeling on County Roads and CSAHs.  Labels appear in bold as compared to Township, Local, Municipal road labels.


3/26/2014: Altered labeling on National Wetlands Inventory layer to display both Circular 39 wetland type and Cowardin classification symbols.


3/18/2014: Improvements made to Section Corners layer.  Red corner points are plotted on the map with certified GPS coordinates.  White corner points are only estimated locations.


3/10/2014: Corrected error in building values shown on parcel reports. (PWA)


3/6/2014: Fixed issues that were preventing access to Certificates of Survey and County Road right-of-way maps. (PWA)


3/6/2014: Adjustments were made so that Internet Explorer users do not need to use Compatibility View. (PWA)


2/26/2014: New version of the Interactive Map was released to the public and the old version was retired. 





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