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Coordinator/Human Resource Office


   Our office is the liaison and designated representative for the County Board to the Department Managers, employees, the media and the public. It is responsible for the official minutes of Board meetings; monitors and provides enforcement - compliance of Board resolutions and actions; and carries out special projects and directives for the Board. This office also fields comments and criticisms from the employees, media and public if they are not addressed to satisfaction at the departmental level.

    The Coordinator also prepares the Board agenda, and should be contacted at least 5 working days prior to the Board's scheduled meeting for those who wish to address the Board directly as part of the agenda. Hubbard County encourages public participation at our open meetings and there are printed guidelines available in the Board meeting room (Courthouse basement) regarding your participation. You may also click on "Board Meeting Procedures" if you wish to view an online print version. If you wish to see the next agenda, click here "Board Meeting agenda"

The Coordinator's Office is also the County's Personnel Office.

   Our office is the County's personnel office. It is responsible for coordinating the recruitment and selection of new employees, to develop and maintain employee benefits, to coordinate and disseminate applicable laws and policies to Department Managers and employees, and to facilitate and coordinate the County’s collective bargaining agreements. It also performs job audits, wage/salary studies and maintains the County’s compensation program and personnel files.

    Hubbard County offers its employees, via payroll deductions, a choice of 4 health plans, 3 deferred compensation plans, life insurance, a dental plan, long and short term disability, cancer, and accident insurance. Those offerings, except deferred comp, are available through a cafeteria plan, whereby the County provides its contribution for the employee to purchase those benefits they deem appropriate. Employees also belong to PERA, the state retirement system, whereby both the employee and the County contribute on each bi-weekly payroll.


Debbie Thompson

County Coordinator
Fax: 218-732-2321

Teresa Walsh

Assistant Coordinator

Lorretta Mattson
Payroll Coordinator



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