Available Scanned Land Use Records

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All records received in the office after February 1, 2015: AVAILABLE

Records availability prior to February 1, 2015 - by township:
Akeley Township AVAILABLE
Arago Township  AVAILABLE 
Badoura Township  AVAILABLE 
Clay Township  AVAILABLE 
Clover Township  AVAILABLE 
Crow Wing Lake Township  AVAILABLE 
Farden Township  AVAILABLE 
Fern Township  AVAILABLE 
Guthrie Township  AVAILABLE 
Hart Lake Township  AVAILABLE
Helga Township  AVAILABLE
Hendrickson Township  IN PROGRESS 
Henrietta Township   
Hubbard Township   
Lake Alice Township   
Lake Emma Township   
Lake George Township   
Lake Hattie Township   
Lakeport Township   
Mantrap Township   
Nevis Township   
Rockwood Township   
Schoolcraft Township   
Steamboat River Township   
Straight River Township   
Thorpe Township   
Todd Township   
White Oak Township