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GIS (Geographic Information Systems)


The GIS office is responsible for the planning, design, implementation, maintenance, and technical support of the County’s GIS data, information, and products, as well as administration of the County’s Enhanced 911 (E911) addressing program.

The GIS office maintains geospatial data records of all land ownership in Hubbard County.  New subdivisions, plats, and all other legal changes to physical property lines are represented in the County’s parcel GIS data.

The GIS office also maintains and updates address and road data, and many other types of GIS data used by the County and the public. 

The GIS office is a division of the Hubbard County Land Records Department.  During the courthouse renovation project, the office is temporarily located on the first floor of the courthouse in the same area as the Recorder division of the Land Records Department.

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Hubbard County General GIS Data Disclaimer

The cadastral information contained on our GIS maps is used to locate, identify, and inventory information about parcels of land in Hubbard County for reference purposes only.  It is not prepared for legal, engineering, or surveying purposes.  Map information is believed to be accurate, but accuracy is not guaranteed.  Errors or omissions should be reported to Hubbard County Land Records-GIS.  In no event will Hubbard County be liable for any incidental or consequential damages, losses, or third party claims that might arise from the use of maps or the information they contain.


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