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Hubbard County provides a variety of information and services through interactive maps

·         Parcel information

·         Tax statements

·         Land and building information

·         Certificates of Survey and Plats

·         Sales information

·         And more…

Property Viewer (LINK)


·         Help and instructions

·         News and updates



Environmental Services Records

·         View scanned property records from the Hubbard County Environmental Services Office (ESO)

·         Mobile-friendly app!

·         Check records availability status here



Public Land Survey (PLS) & Section Corners

·         View Government Corner Certificates

·         View Hubbard County’s original PLS maps from the late 1870s

·         Mobile-friendly app


2016 Hubbard County Plat Books

Plat books may be purchased for $30 at the Soil and Water Conservation District office at 603 Central Ave N in Park Rapids, at the Hubbard County Recorder's Office on the second floor of the County Government Center, or at Citizens National Bank of Park Rapids. To order a plat book and have it mailed to your address, please contact the Soil and Water Conservation District for details at 218-732-0121.

Hubbard County plat books are sponsored by the Hubbard County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD). 




Map Library

Township Maps:





New Maps and Apps Gallery (Beta Version)

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