2023 Valuation  Notice

2023 Valuation  Notice
We became aware of errors in the 2023 valuation notices in dwelling value calculations as a result of a software migration. There are as many dwellings that calculated lower as there are dwellings that calculated higher.  After reviewing the variances and working with the state, there is no simple adjustment that can be made without going back and re-noticing all residential parcels, which neither the state nor the calendar will allow. If you made an appeal at the Local Board of Equalization, your value will be reviewed and adjusted if appropriate. If you believe that there is an error in your valuation that we are not aware of, we recommend that you contact the Assessor’s office to discuss your concerns or consider filing a tax court claim.

We have corrected the problem and values will be equalized for next year, again, there will be as many parcels that increase as decrease.

We are also aware that there were Tax calculation errors in cross county school district taxes which resulted in not enough taxes being collected on Hubbard County parcels that are in school districts that cross county lines. School districts will still receive their allocated share of taxes and the error will be applied to taxes payable in 2024. If you have questions about your property valuation please contact the County Assessor’s Office. If you have questions about your 2023 tax statement please contact the County Auditor’s Office.

Jeff Cadwell
Hubbard County Administrator