What are the Department's hours of operation?

What is the Department's contact information?

What ordinances are administered by the Environmental Services Department?

Who can sign for a permit?

Where are applications and other forms available?

What forms of payment can be accepted for permits and applications?

What permits are required outside of shoreland areas?

Can an E911 sign be relocated by a property owner?

Does my driveway approach need to be completed in order to apply for an address?

Can an address be assigned the same day the application is submitted?

If a sign becomes damaged, who do I contact for a replacement sign?

Who installs the actual sign once the E911 address has been issued?

What is a septic system site evaluation?

Can I build a privy (outhouse) on my property?

Are holding tanks allowed?

What determines the size and type of septic system needed for a property?

What is the general process for installing a septic system?

What is a compliance inspection?

What is the jurisdiction of the Hubbard County Shoreland Ordinance?

What is an ordinary high water level?

How do I know if my property lies within the shoreland jurisdiction?

What items require a permit?

Does a pre-built shed or a structure without a foundation require a permit?

Can a fish house be left along the shore?

How are setbacks measured?

What are the structure and onsite sewage treatment system setbacks?

Can I place a temporary structure on my property?

What can I do to a structure without having to obtain a permit?

What is a non-conforming structure?

Can I make an addition to a nonconforming structure?

Can I put a deck or platform on a nonconforming structure?

What vegetation may be legally altered on my lakeshore property?

Can I move any dirt on my property without a permit?

Can I put rock rip-rap on my shoreline to address an erosion problem?

Can I put in my driveway without a permit?

Can I construct stairs going down to the lake?

What kind of sign requires a permit?

What are "Scenic Byways"?

Is there an approval process required in order to subdivide property?

What subdivision types require a plat?

What subdivision types are processed as administrative subdivisions?

What is the minimum platted lot size?

What is the minimum administrative subdivision lot size?

What is the minimum minor subdivision lot size?

Can a landlocked piece of property be created?

Where can I get my well water tested?

Where can I find information on a well?

Who is the contact for wetland-related issues?