Data Request Form - Requesting Public Data

You can ask to look at (inspect) data at our offices, or ask for copies of public data that we keep. Data requests must be in writing, and must be mailed or emailed to Hubbard County’s Data Practices Compliance Official (DPCO) or another appropriate designee listed in the Data practices Contacts.

Inspection is free, however a fee is charged for copies at $.25/1-sided copy and $.50/2-sided copies, plus time, if necessary, to compile the information requested.

Contact information is optional but must be provided if you wish to have copies of the data mailed/emailed to you.  If we do not fully understand your request, work will not begin on it until we are able to clarify your request.

 If you are looking for information about court dates or paying fines, please contact
Court Administration at 218-732-5286.


* - denotes required field