Board of Commissioners

Hubbard County Commissioners
County commissioners are a county’s key policymakers, overseeing the operation and administration of the county.  Commissioners are the elected officials of a county’s legislative branch, the County Board of Commissioners,serving in a similar role as a city councilmember or a state representative or senator. Commissioners are responsible for overseeing the county’s management and administration, representing county interests at the state and federal level, participating in long-range planning, and managing the county budget and finances.

Similar to other legislative bodies, the members of the County Board of Commissioners are elected by specific geographic districts in their home county. Your commissioner is responsible for representing the interests of your community during regular meetings of the county board and at state and federal events.

Commissioners meet regularly in policy-specific sub-committees to thoroughly examine county issues. The number and topics of sub-committees are unique to each county, but most counties include committees related to the topics of parks, public health, public safety, etc. Commissioners can choose to serve on their county’s board of appeal and equalization to respond to disputes regarding appraised property values. 

Much of a commissioner’s time is spent serving on advisory boards or commissions that provide direct and indirect county services.

Some examples:

         •airports     • libraries     •community corrections     •local public health boards     
         •nursing homes     •hospitals    •joint solid waste commissions

Commissioners serve as county representatives at public and private industry events at the state and federal level.
Commissioners communicate their home county’s concerns to state legislators and federal policymakers, and promote
economic development in the county at events for business groups and civic organizations.