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What we do... The County Assessor’s Office is responsible for estimating the market value and determining the legislative classification of all property in Hubbard County for property tax purposes. We maintain assessment records and administer special property tax programs. The Minnesota Department of Revenue oversees the assessment and sets the policies and procedures all counties follow.

          The County Assessor’s Office administers several special statewide property tax relief programs. For more info about the most common programs, click here.

How we do it...
 In Hubbard County, each township and city hires a licensed assessor, known as the "local assessor". The local assessor conducts the field work and identifies the characteristics of each property. They will physically view each property at a minimum of once every five years. Sometimes they'll visit more frequently because there is ongoing construction, the property recently sold, or it was otherwise flagged for review by our office. The data collected is then entered into a mass appraisal software system, which calculates values based on rates and factors applied to the characteristics the assessors have identified. Property is revalued annually based on sales analysis by the County Assessor and MN Department of Revenue. The local assessor also assigns property tax classifications annually based on each property's use. 

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When we do it... The estimated market value and classification are based on the condition and use of the property on January 2nd of each year.

Why we do it...  In Minnesota, your property value and classification determine how much property tax you pay toward the local levies. It's imperative that property owners are treated fairly and equitably so everyone pays their fair share - no more, no less.  Each year, in the spring, we are required to mail Notices of Valuation & Classification to property owners, advising them of the new assessed values and classifications that will be used to determine their tax bill the following year. Property owners have the opportunity to appeal their estimated market value and/or property classification for the current assessment at meetings held by their local town board or city council, known as the Local Board of Appeal & Equalization.

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