Beltrami/Hubbard Transfer Station Reciprocity Agreement

Hubbard County and Beltrami County have developed an agreement for Hubbard County residents to be able to use the Bemidji Transfer Station to dispose of solid waste as an alternative to using the Laporte Transfer Station in Hubbard County.  In order to participate in this program there are several guidelines that must be followed.

  1. Interested residents must contact Hubbard County Solid Waste to sign up and register for the program.
  2. There will be an annual $45 registration fee (Checks must be made out to Hubbard County Solid Waste) that is due at time of sign up.  The registration fee will cover administrative costs, and will allow participating residents to continue to utilize Hubbard County Transfer Stations if desired.
  3. Once registration is complete Hubbard County will notify Beltrami County, and Beltrami County will issue and mail an identification card that will be valid for one year to the resident.  The identification card would need to be displayed when using the Bemidji Transfer Station.
  4. Beltrami County would then bill Hubbard County the residential solid waste assessment fee (Currently $200) to cover program costs.
  5. Participating Hubbard County residents would be able to then utilize the Bemidji Transfer Station and follow the same guidelines and fee schedule as Beltrami County residents.

Registration Form

Registration Agreement