Environmental Services

The Environmental Services Department administers the following ordinances: Shoreland Management, Subdivision, Subsurface Sewage Treatment System, Sign, Buffer, Adult Use, and E911, and is responsible for the County’s aquatic invasive species program and geographic information system (GIS) services.

In doing so, we are responsible for the issuance of all required permits, processing of variance and conditional use applications, inspections of sewage treatment systems, proper subdivision and/or platting of land, and maintenance of the County E911 address system and tax parcel map.

Failing Septic System Upgrade Grant for Low Income Households

Hubbard County Environmental Services has $79,978 in grant funding available to help low-income households upgrade failing septic systems. Since 2013, $124,435 has been given to help fifteen households. Homesteaded single-family homes and duplexes with a failing septic system that aren't in a stage of foreclosure are eligible. Annual income limits are $70,550 for households of up to four persons and $93,150 for households of five to eight persons. Applications are accepted on a first come, first served basis and can be obtained at Env. Services or online in the Env. Services Document Center. 

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