District 5 - Ted Van Kempen

District 5 Serves:

Townships of Clay, Clover, Farden, Fern, Helga, Lake Alice, Lake George, Lake Hattie, Rockwood, and Schoolcraft

Theodore (Ted) Van Kempen has lived in the Bemidji area with his wife Colleen for over 40 years, the last 25 years in Schoolcraft Township. Ted and Colleen have two adult children, Megan and Wade. Ted has served as a Township Supervisor for Schoolcraft Township (2002 – 2014, and 2016 - 2018), and represented Schoolcraft Township at the Bemidji Rural Fire Association for seven years. Bemidji Rural Fire Association works with the City of Bemidji to provide fire protection for fifteen townships and two cities in Beltrami and Hubbard countries, protecting over 34,000 residents across 522 square miles. Ted has also served as a member of the Hubbard County Planning Commission / Board of Adjustment (2015 - 2018), and been in the auto body repair industry since 1976.

“We are a representative form of government, and as Commissioner I will represent the people of District 5, and work for all the people of Hubbard County. I want to hear all side of an issue so that I can make informed decisions. So feel free to call, email or write to me about your concerns and ideas for Hubbard county. Thank you.”

  Email: ted.vankempen@co.hubbard.mn.us
Phone: 218-616-4073

  Address: 22091 County 118Laporte, MN  56461