Driveway/Entrance Permit

Needed prior to constructing an approach or entrance onto Hubbard County Roads within the right-of-way.

A $100.00 non-refundable fee applies to cover the cost of inspection and a culvert for drainage if necessary.

Please take time to read the documents below regarding County Ordinance No. 5 and the Entrance Construction Specs.

1. No work under this application is to be started until application is approved and the permit issued.

2. Where work on travelled roadway is necessary, traffic must be protected, and flags, flares, and proper barricades must be placed in accordance with the standards of the Hubbard County Highway Department.

3. No foreign material such as dirt, gravel, or bituminous material shall be left or deposited on the road during the construction of driveway or installation of drainage facilities.

4. Roadside must be cleaned up after work is completed.

5. After driveway construction is completed the permittee shall notify the County Office that the work has been completed and is ready for final inspection and approval by the Hubbard County Highway Department.

6. No changes or alterations in entrances may be made at any time without written permission from the Hubbard County Highway Department.

7. Driveway fill slopes shall be constructed 6:1 (6' horizontal to 1' vertical) where existing road slopes are 4:1 or better and shall be hand finished and seeded. 

Entrance Application