Reuse Center

Hubbard County Solid Waste has been accepting reuse items for more than twenty years.  For the most part Hubbard County residents and businesses have had opportunities to do material exchange of reusable items at the Hubbard County Transfer Stations in small uncovered areas since the day the stations opened.  The South Transfer Station’s most recent Reuse Lane has been located on the opposite of the outdoor express lane. Over the years the reuse areas have changed and moved around the facility but have always been open to the elements.

In 2022, The Hubbard County Solid Waste Department began exploring ways to:

  • reduce the number of reusable/repurposable items entering the county’s waste stream.
  • start to measure Hubbard County reuse numbers for the MPCA (Minnesota Pollution Control Agency) SCORE report.
  • promote and support Hubbard County businesses and residents to increase participation in material exchange reuse activities to keep reusable/repurposing items out of the county waste stream.