Crime Victim Services

The Hubbard County Crime Victim Services program offers a wide range of services. For each criminal case, the victim’s coordinator makes contact with each victim as soon as possible. This is done by mail or personal contact. Through this contact we are able to access the needs of each victim. Statistical data is also obtained by contact with the victims.

The individual needs of the victim are addressed through:

  1. referrals for victim’s needs including emergency services for food, shelter, counseling, legal issues, etc.
  2. advocacy for victims in the form of crisis intervention, emotional support, liaison services, etc.
  3. assistance with financial burdens including restitution, reparation claims, and insurance claims.
  4. court related services including explanation of the criminal court system, court orientation, courtroom support, notice of hearings, notification of proposed plea agreements, assistance with victim impact statements, offering a separate room to listen to court proceedings, and preparation for testimony.