The County Assessor’s Office in Hubbard County fulfills essential roles in property valuation. Our primary responsibilities encompass property inspections, sales verification and analysis, estimating market values and assigning legislative classifications to all properties within the county for taxation purposes. We meticulously maintain assessment records to ensure accuracy and fairness in property valuation.
Moreover, we actively administer various specialized property tax relief programs aimed at assisting property owners. These programs are designed to alleviate tax burdens and provide relief in accordance with statewide guidelines. It’s important to note that our operations are overseen by the Minnesota Department of Revenue, which establishes policies and procedures for assessment that are followed by all counties statewide.


Have You Applied For The Minnesota Property Tax Refund?

Minnesota offers a property tax refund to homestead property owners through the MN Department of Revenue. There are 2 ways to qualify - the first is by income, the second "special" refund is for properties whose taxes increased 12% or more from the prior year (not due to new improvements/construction). Your tax preparer or income tax software may already do this for you. You can also apply online or use the worksheet to see if you qualify.

 Annual Assessment Calendar