Solid Waste Abatement

Solid Waste Assessment

The Hubbard County Solid Waste program is funded primarily through Solid Waste Assessments.  Over three million dollars is generated annually from fees collected from residential and commercial parcels.   All residential properties including single family homes, apartments and mobile homes are assessed a flat fee for solid waste based on the number of units on a property.  The residential assessment does not vary based on use of our services.  Commercial assessments are based on volume and all commercial properties/structures will have a minimum fee, and assessment will go up based on volume of waste generated on the property.

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Solid Waste Abatement

Sometimes errors are made regarding the commercial use of a property or residential structures on a property.  Taxpayers are able to file for an abatement if they feel their solid waste assessment is incorrect.  Abatement applications will be reviewed, and approved or denied based on findings and established policy.

Click here for Hubbard County Abatement Policy

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Please send solid waste abatement applications and questions to:

Hubbard County Solid Waste

812 Henrietta Ave S

Park Rapids, MN 56470

(218) 732-9568

Or by email: