Election & Voter Information

Primary Responsibilities and Services

We strive to ensure that the registration and election process is provided to all eligible citizens in accordance with applicable laws and rules in the most efficient, effective, and timely manner for Hubbard County and its municipalities major elections, while providing assistance with special elections for school districts. 

  • Process voter registration applications and related documents for the purpose of maintain an accurate list of pre-registered voters.
  • Work with qualified vendors to assure the accurate and timely programing of the equipment used to administer elections in Otter Tail County.
  • Responsibility for training election judges in the proper use of the election equipment.
  • Work with a qualified vendor to assure that all races and candidates are placed on the ballots as directed by Minnesota Election Law.
  • Assure that all voting equipment is properly test and ready for use on Election Day.
  • Issue absentee ballots to eligible voters and work with the Absentee Ballot Board to assure that all absentee ballots received are timely processed and properly cast absentee ballots are accurately counted.
  • Support city, township, school district and local election administrators with the administration of their duties, as well as training individuals in their duties and responsibilities as appointed election judges.
  • Compile election results, prepare election abstracts, work with the canvassing board to accurately report results and oversee the post-election review audit.

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