The management of the County's tax forfeited land assets is a critical responsibility of the Natural Resource Management Department. One of the ways these lands are managed is through annual land sales.  Minnesota Statute §282 governs the process through which unwanted tax forfeited lands can be disposed. Typically this is done by public auctions.

Parcels selected for disposal by the County are classified, inspected, appraised, and potentially reviewed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, depending on certain factors, before being offered for sale.  All landowners adjoining parcels offered for sale are notified by mail of the pending sale.  The County Board approves the parcels and their appraised values, sets the terms of the sale, and authorizes the sale. Potential buyers of tax forfeited lands should be aware that there may be other public entity "Special Assessments" that will be added to the purchase price at the time of the sale.  Hubbard County makes every effort to identify those added costs and include a listing of them in its publication.  Bidders should contact local municipalities to check on the status of current and pending special assessments prior to the auction.  If a parcel offered for sale does not sell it becomes available "over-the-counter" at the appraised value.